Vaughan happy to put team first with move into Raith midfield role

Lewis Vaughan proved effective in a central midfield role against Alloa on Saturday. Fife Photo Agency
Lewis Vaughan proved effective in a central midfield role against Alloa on Saturday. Fife Photo Agency

Raith Rovers top scorer is more than happy to play further back the park if it helps the team win games.

Lewis Vaughan has had a fantastic season in a left-sided forward role, tormenting League One defences and netting 18 times, but the past two games have seen him moved into the middle of the park, and to good effect.

It may have taken him further away from the opposition box but the 21-year-old has continued to make a positive impact, creating three of Raith’s last four goals, and it’s a position he is no stranger to.

“I actually started out as a centre midfielder in the Raith under 19s,” Vaughan said. “But as you develop and get older you find yourself in different positions.

“The manager asked me if I can play in midfield, and I’m more than happy to play there for the team, wherever they need me.

“I’m a team player and we need everyone pulling together to win the league this season.

“If it means I’m helping the team, then so be it.”

Playing in midfield also comes with added defensive duties but it’s a responsiblity Vaughan does not shy away from.

“People probably don’t expect it from me but I’ve shown I can do that side of the game as well,” he said.

“You want to get on the ball and create stuff but you need to do the defensive stuff, winning tackles and stopping the other team scoring.

“If it’s helping the team I’m more than happy to do that.”

Vaughan was subjected to some tough tackles against Alloa, as he is most weeks, but he showed he can handle it, and dish it back.

“I don’t think I’m being targeted, but I do expect it,” he said.

“Teams are probably not as fit as us and are just a second or two late.

“I had a good few challenges on me on Saturday where they actually won the ball.

“It’s part and parcel of the game, so if I get kicked I’ll just deal with it.”

Raith had to be patient again on Saturday with the goals coming in the second half, and Vaughan says believes it’s a case of wearing teams down.

“Our fitness is showing in the end,” he said. “It’s no coincidence we’re scoring goals in the second half when teams maybe aren’t as fit as us, being the full-time club.

“We do have to be patient, and it’s definitely helping in the latter stages of the game.

“It was a more enjoybale game because Alloa did come out and play against us rather than stick 11 men behind the ball, and we deserved the win in the end.”

Greig Spence meanwhile admitted that confidence is returning after firing two goals in two games.

“Any striker at any level, if they go a few games without scoring their confidence does take a dip,” Spence said.

“Mentally I’ve tried to keep on top of myself and in the last few weeks it’s been good to score and hopefully I can try kick on from here.”