Set your watch for World Cup's best moments

Most World Cup goals are scored between the 51st and 60th minute.
Most World Cup goals are scored between the 51st and 60th minute.

The World Cup semi-finals kick off in Russia tonight, and one study is suggesting when the best action is likely to take place.

Hublot is the official timekeeper of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and one of its authorised UK retailers has crunched the numbers to help you avoid missing the most exciting moments in the remaining matches, starting with France v Belgium tonight and England v Croatia tomorrow, followed by Sunday's final.

According to luxury watch retailer ROX, goals are most likely to be scored between the 51st and 60th minute and from the 90th minute onwards.

Following detailed analysis of the timing of the goals at the 2018 World Cup, ROX has determined that fans are most likely to see a goal in either the 51st or 93rd minute.

Six goals have been scored in both of those minutes at the tournament so far. The 51st minute has a history of excitement, as that was the time on the clock when Maradona scored with his hand against England in 1986.

Statistically, fans are most likely to see a goal between the 51st and 60th minute, with 24 of the tournament’s 155 goals being scored in that period.

Throughout the history of the World Cup, this time in the match has provided other memorable moments, including Schumacher’s clash with Battison in 1982, Maradona’s ‘Goal of the Century’ in 1986 and Eusebio's 4th goal against North Korea in 1966 to complete a Portuguese comeback from 3-0 down.

The excitement has been slow to build in some of the games, with an average of 36 minutes passing before the first goal is scored and only around 20% of goals being scored in the first third of matches.

However, the longer the game goes on, the greater the chance of excitement. The average time of the goal that determines the result of a game is after 61 minutes. Perhaps more importantly, stoppage time at the end of the game is the most exciting, with 24% of all match-determining goals being scored in injury time.

Those exciting moments in time added on have, so far, included Belgium’s incisive break-away against Japan, South Korea’s goal to eliminate Germany and England’s winner against Tunisia.

ROX has also compiled an incredible collection of the most amazing moments in World Cup history, with one from each of the 1 to 90 minutes of matches from tournaments down the years.

The 90 Amazing Minutes can be found here: