St Andrews Utd 0-1 Bathgate Thistle

St Andrews United tussle with Bathgate.
St Andrews United tussle with Bathgate.

The game was almost a repeat of last week’s meetingagainst Forfar West End with Saints having most of the territorial play particularly during the first half.

The team just needs a player with the guile and coolness to finish off scoring attempts or make decent efforts available for other players. Saints’ first effortwas calmly blocked away by Watson, the Bathgate keeper.

Four minutes later Perrie got clear to get a shot away but it went wide.

Saints were at this stage expected to put one of these chances away.

Buchan, at pace, broke clear but his cross to the area was far too strong.

It was noted during these chances a lack of Saints’ players available in the Bathgate area to make something of them.

Perrie put over another cross but it was also long.

Another fast break by Schiavone up the right in 22 minutes saw him manage to get a low ball into the area but it was defended easily by the Bathgate defence.

Perrie then got space at the edge of the area but his effort went wide.

Soon after, McInnes made great efforts to do a solo run into the area but defenders stopped him before he could get a shot away.

As Saints began to feel the effects of their very fast start, Bathgate came more into it and their first real effort in 32 minutes went just wide.

Saints’ keeper, Mooney, did well by coming to the edge of his area to block away a chance after a run through by Bathgate.

By now Bathgate were taking control as half time approached.

In 42 minutes with good build up play, Feeney slipped it past the home keeper for a good goal.

Saints had a lot of the attacking play in second half without having many real chances.

As Saints pushed for an equaliser Bathgate inevitably had chances on the break.

With seven minutes remaining, Bathgate broke clear but fortunately for Saints Mooney was quick to get his hands on a clever chip which looked as if it would be good enough to make it a second.

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