'˜We should have managed the game a bit better'

Airdrie 4-2 East FifeAirdrie 4-2 East Fife
Airdrie 4-2 East Fife
East Fife's Scott Agnew admitted that his side did not do enough to secure a result against Airdrie on Saturday at the Excelsior Stadium.

The Fifers let a two goal lead slip, and ‘Aggy’ believes that only two of the players received “pass marks”.

He said: “I don’t think we were playing particularly well to be honest even though we were 2-0 up. I had my suspicions they were going to get back into it.

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“They got a spell in the game and they got their goal just before half-time and we had to stand up to that after the break, I don’t think we did that. You could hear the crowd, they obviously sensed it as well. We knew it in the dressing room that they were going to come at us. And as I said we didn’t really stand up to it.

“Kev and Johnny in particular started really well, their back four couldn’t handle them. They two to be honest were the only ones I would give pass marks to. I think the rest of us were a wee bit off it today. And I think it showed.”

The midfielder believes that East Fife need to be winning games such as this if they want to reach their goals for this season.

He said: “We should have managed the game a bit better. Our shape wasn’t great at times.

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“We were getting dragged about. It’s up to us on the pitch to manage that. I don’t think we did that.

“There’s not much between most of the teams. It’s a difficult place to come Airdrie. But the way we’ve been playing and with the players we’ve got it’s a game we want to come and win.

“If we do want to end up in the play-offs and have a really good season we need to be winning games like this.”