Give our Brits some recognition

Steven McAlpine
Steven McAlpine

TODD Dutiaume called for some international recognition for Fife Flyers home-grown players after Saturday’s stunning win over Sheffield Steelers.

Flyers currently have no GB representatives at any level of men’s hockey, but Dutiaume believes his local Brits – such as Saturday’s goalscorer Steven McAlpine – are good enough to be considered for national training camps.

Dutiaume told the Press: “I would hope that if our guys are not considered for the main line-up they at least get invited to a training camp to see what it’s like at that level.

“If they got to see the set-up and got pushed on and developed, it would be great for us, and for them.

“Are they inexperienced? Absolutely.

“Are they the best? I can’t answer that, but hopefully people are taking notice of them.

“They are hard-working kids who are starting to show that they belong here. Before the weekend, our line of Brits only had one goal scored against them this season.

“People can poo-poo them and say we need more imports because they are not good enough.

“But when they come out and work like they did on Saturday, against a team like Sheffield, that shows they really deserve to be out there.”

Dutiaume was also delighted to see McAlpine grab his first goal of the season against Sheffield.

He added: “Hamish is one of the hardest working guys on team, and he was rewarded by being brought up to second line.

“He made no mistake with his chance and that took the pressure off us.

“It’s great to see a young guy like that get such a big goal in front of a big crowd.

“He’s a guy who doesn’t always get a lot of credit – but he had a great game on Saturday.”