Glenrothes 25-26 Caithness

Glens' man of the match Cammy Goodall
Glens' man of the match Cammy Goodall

Caithness Rugby Club took the long journey to Glenrothes on Saturday keen to cement their position at the top of BT Caledonia League 1.

For their part Glenrothes were eager to reverse their narrow defeat in a cracking game at Thurso earlier in the season and still had an outside chance of a second place finish in the league.

The game started well for the Glens with Rhys Bryce diving over in the left corner and Duguid converted with an excellent kick.

The Greens struck back with a strong forward maul forcing its way over the goal line near the posts. M Anderson converted.

Duguid restored the Glens lead to 10-7 with a successful penalty kick but the visitors responded again as D Webster ran through to the posts which Anderson converted.

The lead changed hands once more before half time when Cammy Goodall off-loaded to the supporting Barry Crookston who, despite a crunching tackle still got the ball over the line. Duguid’s converted for 17-14.

Glenrothes thought they had scored another try at the start of the second half but the referee Johnstone ruled Goodall was held up an awarded a scrum instead.

Duguid’s penalty minutes later stretched the lead to six points and things got better for the home team as Stevie Deans took the ball on despite being urged to kick it clear.

A hand off seemed to spur him on and man of the match Goodall looped round his centre partner, and sprinted in from 60m out extending their lead to 25-14.

However, the Reds were then penalised for an early push and the visitors’ number 8 E Sutherland took a tap and raced to the line. A simple conversion for Anderson made the score 25-19.

Caithness threw everything at the Glens but the defence stood firm until another contentious refereeing decision occurred.

Caithness were halted in the shadow of the posts, everyone from a Glens’ persuasion felt it was going to be a Glens penalty but instead a try was awarded and Anderson gave Caithness a one-point lead.

There was still time for a final assault by Glenrothes during which Caithness conceded a penalty which Duguid decided was outside his range and instead went for a lineout.

Glenrothes won the lineout and moved the ball to the backs. Another penalty was awarded and Duguid’s kick looked good until the last moment when it dipped, hit the cross bar and bounced out.

Caithness recovered the ball but knocked on and Mr Johnstone’s whistle this time was for the end of the game.