Kirkcaldy’s Trevor in disabled golf first

Derek Milne and Trevor Crombie. (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)Derek Milne and Trevor Crombie. (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
Derek Milne and Trevor Crombie. (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
Kirkcaldy disabled golfer Trevor Crombie is teeing off in an inaugural competition based on the Ryder Cup.

Teams Europe and America will battle it out in the Cairns Cup at The Shire in London, the highlight of a week-long festival celebrating disabled golf, starting this Saturday.

Joining Crombie down south from nearby Upper Largo is Derek Milne, who is Team Europe's vice-captain.

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Nicknamed 'The Billy' after Billy Cairns, a disabled golfer from the UK who died in 2018, the competition will see the home side made up of people from all over Europe who have influenced disabled golf in some way.

Crombie, who suffers from cerebral palsy, says there are a wide range of disabilities taking part, from amputees to people with sensory issues, and adds that it's not just about the Cairns Cup.

“That's the main event but there are sessions where disabled people can come and give golf a try and there's a charity day,” he says. “It's quite amazing how big this has become, no one really expected it.

“We have Amazon, Adidas Golf and Ottobock on board, among others – that's major sponsorship.”

"It’s also going to be filmed and streamed on YouTube."

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He added: “I think what the main thing about it is for me is that it’s all-encompassing with regard to disablilities.

"Some golf competitions focus on just one disability, this one doesn’t. It’s very exciting.”

The competition is to be played every two years and in 2024 will be played at The Fortress in Michigan.