Hockey goalie KO’d

John Nicol
John Nicol
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KIRKCALDY Kestrels netminder John Nicol (26) spent the night in hospital after being knocked unconscious during his side’s Scottish National League game at Aberdeen on Saturday.

The goalie was given a nasty hit behind his net by Lynx’s Calum MacEachran which launched him in the air, knocked off his mask and saw him land face-first on the ice - knocked out cold and unable to breathe.

Realising the danger physio Ian Kelly raced to Nicol’s side and treated him before paramedics arrived.

They fitted a neck brace and transferred him to the accident and emergency department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on a spine board, around 50 minutes after the initial incident.

Nicol was given morphine for the pain then had his head, neck and back scanned before being released on Sunday afternoon.

Luckily there appears to be no lasting damage but the former Fife Flyer wont be back on the ice for at least the remainder of the season and will need to take a couple of weeks off his work as a general labourer.

Speaking to the Press Nicol said: “I’m still not feeling too well. I’ve got neck and back injuries where I’ve strained the muscles, I’m suffering back spasms and I’ve got a severe concussion. Luckily I’ve got no broken bones.

“I will take the season and then decide about my future because this is actually my third concussion.

“I’d just like to say thanks to my team mates for helping me and all the fans who have got in touch.”
Nicol added the Aberdeen chairman had emailed him to say MacEachran wouldn’t play for them again.

The game was abandoned.