Charlie Mosey lifts the Mirror of Merit trophy

Charlie Mosey, Fife Flyers, receives the 2017-18 Mirror of Merit trophy from Matthew Elder, sports editor, Fife Free Press (Pic: Steve Gunn)
Charlie Mosey, Fife Flyers, receives the 2017-18 Mirror of Merit trophy from Matthew Elder, sports editor, Fife Free Press (Pic: Steve Gunn)

The names on the bowl are a stick tap to some of the greatest players at the heart of many Fife Flyers’ teams.

More than 60 years of hockey history is celebrated on the Fife Free Press’ Mirror of Merit trophy.

On Sunday, Charlie Mosey’s name was engraved on the bowl – a fitting addition to a roll call which includes legends such as Mark Morrison, Vincent Lukac, Dave Stoyanovich, Jimmy Spence, Rick Fera and local guys such as Iain Robertson.

The methodology for picking the weekly merit winners may have changed many times, but the outcome is always the same – the award goes to the player who has made a huge contribution to the team.

Todd Dutiaune, head coach, and Mirror of Merit winner in 2004-05, was delighted to see Mosey honoured.

“I think there’s probably nobody more on our team deserving of that award than Charlie Mosey,’’ he said.

“If you look back to the start of the year when we signed him on a try-out contract, there was some heckling, and some ridiculing.

“But people noticed quickly what he brings to a team, and the way he plays.

“He’s had to deal with some injuries this season, but the guy keeps going and he not only has the respect of the crowd, but he really has the respect of his team mates. They know what he does out on the ice.’’

Dutiaume is aware of the trophy’s significance and history, and the role it plays in celebrating the very best of the best.

“To win that trophy takes you showing up night in, night out and if you look at the history of the award, I don’t think there’s an undeserving player on there.

“It’s based on an average of an entire season and Charlie is that Mr Consistent, who brings that hard-working effort.

“Also, for one of the first times in his career, he’s also found an offensive touch, scoring 15 or 16 goals, which is a great feat for the style he plays.

“He’s been a pleasure to work with and watch from the bench all season.”

Mosey came to Flyers on a try-out contract after seeking out one of his college alumni, former Flyers’ winger, Matt Reber.

He quickly turned a short-term deal into a full contract and emerged as a workhorse - one of the most disciplined skaters, whose workrate stood out.

Dutiaume added: ‘’”As you’re alumni grow, if they enjoy their experience here, the hockey world is a small one and they start pushing players in this direction.

“Charlie was one that Matt Reber brought to us, and from his reference on him, and after watching a little bit of game-tape on him, we knew exactly what we’d be getting.

“Sometimes it doesn’t always transfer onto the ice, but it did immediately with Charlie and he instantly became a fan favourite.”

“I’ve certainly discussed with players what their plans are, and I have a good idea about a lot of guys.

“A Charlie Mosey-type player would be in demand by any team, and I would have him back for next season in a second.”