Fans have their say on Fife Flyers match night

Fife Flyers match night debate, Fife Free Press, December 2017
Fife Flyers match night debate, Fife Free Press, December 2017

It’s the big talking point among Fife Flyers fans – what’s happened to the match night atmosphere?

The rink is legendary for its wall of noise and intensity, but in last week’s Fife Free Press, the coaches commented on how it had changed. They want the fortress back in place – and they believe they have a team that will thrive on the back of it.

Their comments sparked a huge online debate, and here we feature just some of your comments ...

@benmnybeggs Free tickets to schools on games where they know they will have a lower crowds to get some young fans hooked

@grantrolland87 Flexi-tickets used to be a popular xmas present for fans who couldn’t afford season books, just a thought? With the added festive footfall, perhaps the Mercat and the Retail Park would be ideal for promoting the club? Maybe give out tickets to newcomers? Or at least discounted

@goodytwoskates There are many reasons why. The clubs poor PR. Certainly doesn’t help encouraging people through the door

@harlan38 Why not consider putting the away fans back behind the away team bench again. Atmosphere has been dire since they were put in the corner. Yes, we complained that they got the best seats but atmosphere was so much better with the fans next to each other

@debbiebrown74 Either have a song for each player or just one goal song for the team, then the fans can get behind it! Something more upbeat than Highland Cathedral to celebrate a win would help.

@Probie74 Todd commented on the crowd being flat.... The answer is sitting on the bench.... Play the young guys and get the crowd going....

@nowanortherner Returned to watch for the first time last season after a 25 year break. Atmosphere is not the same. Can’t believe the rink does not fill for games. Teams are still intimidated not to the same level. Best game I’ve been at was Away to Braehead #propersongs

@bodyshopkdy Hold a fans forum with the coaches management and directors,listen to what fans say .Then go forward as a club

@hockey_laura Fife was easily the best in the UK for being “Fortress Fife” years ago and hardest crowd to play in front of. Unfortunately that atmosphere has been disappearing and its no longer the case. It has the potential but right now it just ain’t the same!

@funky_moomin We used to have a DJ who knew when to let the crowd be heard. There’s no point in saying ‘make some noise’ then blasting loud music to drown people out.

@mtsparky69 How come back in the day there was this great intimidating atmosphere without the gimmicks such as dramatic videos ? Bottom line the fans need to show enthusiasm and not criticising constantly.

@sorley32 Would love to see the days of a packed rink every week return. This current team deserves it.

@KTstingRae Replace the DJ and get in songs that have Scottish elements and something for the drummers to go along to before the game starts, atmosphere would become a fortress again.

@daviechalmers70 Stop the music between plays

@StuG44 Crowds have dwindled down since Nickerson’s departure and the failure to get that fan favourite that flyers fans cling on to has had an effect on the attendance. The uncertainty at the start of the season played a role also. We look at times an amateur team in a Pro league.

@nicholabeveridg Less talking on the mic and less loud music played over a chant which is just getting started. Fans know what to do but don’t bother if the are getting drowned out

@Bowmik_9 Webcasts need to stop. If people get as many friends they want at the house to watch the game for £8 between them then they’re less likely to go... The club’s need bums on seats at the rink.

@theflyinsheep Be professional in everything that you do! Look at other clubs and how they do! Not rocket science!

@finlayblair New dj is a must. Turns away hundreds of fans. Lost track of how many times this gets raised and nothing changes. In general the owners need to improve the match night experience.

@Anothermophead Have Geordie Munro around the rink all through the game not just on ice before the faceoff. Are they doing family tickets yet? Pro active drummers. Discounts for midweek games (season ticket holders would log the discounts towards playoff tickets).Advertise more beyond kirkcaldy

@nickbrown41 It started a couple of years back when whoever was in charge of match night started to try and manufacture an atmosphere. We used to wind up other teams for being told when to sing - now look at us. Not easily fixed but ,match night needs to be changed to allow crowd to get into it

@aland94 It’s an expensive night out. Had two sons and a pal with me on Sat and it’s a 50 quid night. Means have to pick and choose. Edinburgh do a family ticket even for away fans. Why can’t the Flyers ?

@Howesy37 The ‘match night experience’ is what puts people off coming and the ‘build up’ to the teams coming out is what kills the atmosphere from the start.