Fife Flyers 2017-18 fixture list

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Fife Flyers’ schedule for the 2017-18 ice hockey season has been unveiled.

And here it is ...


Sun 3 Belfast Giants (H) CC

9-10 Elite Cup (Murrayfield Ice Rink)

16 Edinburgh Capitals (H) CC

17 Dundee Stars (A) CC

23 Coventry Blaze H) EIHL

30 Dundee Stars (H) CC


1 Edinburgh Capitals (A) CC

7 Braehead Clan (A) EIHL

8 Guildford Flames (H) EIHL

14 Belfast Giants (A) CC

15 Braehead Clan (H) EIHL

20 MK Lightning (H) EIHL

21 Manchester Storm (A) EIHL

22 Braehead Clan (H) EIHL

28 Sheffield Steelers (H) EIHL

29 Cardiff Devils (H) EIHL


4 Belfast Giants (H) EIHL

11 Dundee Stars (H) EIHL

12 Coventry Blaze (A) EIHL

18 Cardiff Devils (A) EIHL

19 Guildford Flames (A) EIHL

25 Cardiff Devils (H) EIHL

26 Nottingham Panthers (A) EIHL


3 Edinburgh Capitals (A) EIHL

9 Edinburgh Capitals (H) EIHL

10 MK Lightning (H) EIHL

16 Belfast Giants (H) EIHL

17 Sheffield Steelers (A) EIHL

22 Dundee Stars (A) EIHL

23 Guildford Flames (A) EIHL

24 Dundee Stars (H) EIHL

26 Edinburgh Capitals (H) EIHL tbc

30 Guildford Flames (H) EIHL

31 Edinburgh Capitals (A) EIHL


3 Manchester Storm (H) EIHL

6 Braehead Clan (H) EIHL

7 Braehead Clan (A) EIHL

13 Edinburgh Capitals (H) EIHL

14 Coventry Blaze (A) EIHL

20 Dundee Stars (H) EIHL

21 Cardiff Devils (A) EIHL

27 Dundee Stars (A) EIHL

28 Nottingham Panthers (H) EIHL


3 Braehead Clan (A) EIHL

4 Braehead Clan (H) EIHL

9 Belfast Giants (A) EIHL

10 Coventry Blaze (H) EIHL

11 Edinburgh Capitals (A) EIHL

16 Braehead Clan (A) EIHL

17 Dundee Stars (H) EIHL

18 Dundee Stars (A) EIHL

24 Nottingham Panthers (H) EIHL

25 Sheffield Steelers (A) EIHL


3 Manchester Storm (H) EIHL

4 MK Lightning (A) EIHL

10 Manchester Storm (A) EIHL

11 Edinburgh Capitals (A) EIHL

14 Edinburgh Capitals (H) EIHL

17 Belfast Giants (A) EIHL

18 Dundee Stars (A) EIHL

20 Nottingham Panthers (A) EIHL

21 Sheffield Steelers (H) EIHL

24 MK Lightning (A) EIHL

CC: Challenge Cup; EIHL - league