Fife Flyers’ Carlo Finucci hit with two-game suspension

Carlo Finucci, Fife Flyers (Pic Steve Gunn)
Carlo Finucci, Fife Flyers (Pic Steve Gunn)

Fife Flyers’ forward Carlo Finucci has been hit with a two game ban after being thrown out of the Boxing Day defeat against Dundee Stars.

He will miss the return match in Kirkcaldy tonight (Thursday) and the Hogmanay clash with Glasgow Clan.

Finucci was ejected for slashing a Stars’ player just minutes after the game started.

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The Elite League’s Department of Player Safety (DOPS) has ruled his actions as “careless” and decided they merited supplementary discipline.

It said a body check occurred between Finucci and his opponent.

DOPS noted Finucci “took exception” to the check, and it ruled that “he made a choice to create a form of retribution using his stick illegally.”

The safety panel stated: “Considering the opposing player was skating away and with his back to Finucci, the stick foul is considered ‘unsuspecting’.

“Finucci brought his stick back to create a baseball-like swing. The location of the slash was targeted at the back area of the opposing player’s leg where there is minimal protection.”

It considered “the two-handed swing” as “both aggressive and forceful” noting: “Although there appears to be no injury, the potential of injury is high. A hockey stick is not meant, or permitted to be used, as a ‘weapon’, and in this case the stick was used as such in a retaliatory action.”