Fife Flyers return with new 'Magic 5' event?

Could Nottingham host a new 'Magic 5' tournament? (Pic: Richard Davies)Could Nottingham host a new 'Magic 5' tournament? (Pic: Richard Davies)
Could Nottingham host a new 'Magic 5' tournament? (Pic: Richard Davies)
Ice hockey studies new gala weekend to re-start sport

The proposed new ten-team weekend competition could herald the return of ice hockey after the enforced shutdown during the coronavirus restrictions.

The Elite League is looking at a ‘Magic 5’ event with all clubs converging on the one venue for a weekend of action.

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It is viewed as a replacement for the championship finals weekend which was scrapped as the 2019-20 season was curtailed prior to the play-offs taking place.

The aim would be to have all ten EIHL teams playing five back to back matches in one venue - the National Ice Centre in Nottingham - over one weekend. Other sports, including rugby league, feature similar events with great success.

A date of September 12-13 has been pencilled,, but it is very much subject to how quickly the coronavirus can be brought under control and the country returns to normal.

The idea was discussed ion a conference call featuring team owners - their third in six days as they wrapped up the aborted season and also assessed the impact on the sport of the virus.

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A league statement said: “The date is not cast in stone by any means and everything is dependent on developments that remain beyond our control.

“It is anticipated the event will take place, health advice permitting, in Nottingham with three games on the Saturday and two on the Sunday.”

The ‘Magic 5’ games would count for league points.

The league’s statement also thanks fans for their support “in these difficult times” describing it as phenomenal.