Fife Flyers seek ‘clarity’ over £3000 fine and ban after post-game brawl

Fife Flyers v Manchester Storm (PIc: Jillian McFarlane)
Fife Flyers v Manchester Storm (PIc: Jillian McFarlane)

Fife Flyers have made moves to get more details on the disciplinary backlash to a post-game brawl which saw them hit with a hefty suspension and a £3000 fine.

Troubled erupted after the 2-1 win over Manchester Storm on Sunday as players prepared for the post-match presentations.

A Storm player skated to the Fife team, sparking a confrontation which then got out of hand, and led to Fife defenceman Evan Stoflet receiving a six-game ban for fighting.

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Harrison Rupp, the player he was fighting, was banned for three matches, while Storm’s defenceman Linden Springer was suspended for five matches for punching a player who was being restrained and unable to defend himself.

Both Flyers and Storm were fined £3000 each by the Department of Player Safety (DOPS) which ruled the incident “had nothing to do with the spirit of hockey, fair play or the EIHL goal of speed and skill” and deemed it ”disrespectful to the sport.”

But that finding has sparked huge debate among hockey fans, with DOPS under heavy criticism again for its handling of an incident involving Fife.

The game saw them lose two players to injury, one possibly season ending, while Stoflet also sustained concussion in the melee.

Today the club said it had asked for clarity on the decision.

It has also raised various other unspecified points with DOPS “for clarity and consideration.”

The club’s tweet gave no further information, and it has yet to comment in detail on the panel’s findings.