Fife Flyers’ star glad to be ‘home’ in Kirkcaldy

Chase Schaber (Pic: Steve Gunn)
Chase Schaber (Pic: Steve Gunn)

Chase Schaber isn’t the first ice hockey player to end up calling Kirkcaldy home.

A return for a third successive season to Fife Flyers was a straight-forward decision for him to make.

Chase Schaber, Fife Flyers Gardiner Conference Champions 2017-18.  (Pic: Steve Gunn)

Chase Schaber, Fife Flyers Gardiner Conference Champions 2017-18. (Pic: Steve Gunn)

Schaber sits at the heart of this team –he’s the man who sets the mood in the dressing-room.

Last season he coined the phrase ‘pesky Flyers’ which became a mission statement rather than just a hashtag as Flyers reeled off some incredible victories, many of them based around astonishing comebacks.

It has already been upgraded by Jeff Hutchins, assistant coach, for 2018-19 to #peskflyers2.0

He doesn’t tweet often, but when he does, his enthusiasm for the game, and life, brims over.

“Hey @FifeFlyers... the show goes on!!! I’m back” was his confirmation of a third season in Kirkcaldy, a place he loves living and playing hockey in, even if it is several thousand miles from his native Red Deer, Alberta.

“I love it here,’’ he said. “I go home in summer and love it, but it feels like I am on vacation which is a bit weird.

“I love it here. This feels like home – I’m comfortable here, so although there were offers on the table, coming back was a really easy decision to make.”

Schaber was given one of the loudest ovations when the team was introduced last week, and he is enjoying being back in the room getting to know the new players signed during summer.

“We’ve been together a team for a week, and it’s a case of getting to know each other, how we play and where guys are on the ice.

“We do this every year – we have the right bodies in the room and with that first win we have that feeling too.”

For Schaber the target is to retain the conference, and shoot for more silverware.

“A lot of factors come into play but we have guys who have won titles and who have come from other leagues.

“It’s about coming together and being the best group we can be, and putting it all out on the ice.”

The pesky Flyer is glad to be home.