Finucci: Flyers will be ready from the puck drop

Carlo Finucci'',  Fife Flyers 2018 (Pic: David Wardle)
Carlo Finucci'', Fife Flyers 2018 (Pic: David Wardle)

Carlo Finucci scored the goal that took Fife Flyers into the championship finals.

The pivotal moment from an incredible night in Altrincham came early in overtime after one of the most remarkable comebacks in the history of the club.

Carlo Finucci'',  Fife Flyers 2018 (Pic: David Wardle)

Carlo Finucci'', Fife Flyers 2018 (Pic: David Wardle)

Everything was on the line – three on three hockey, one goal and it was winner takes all.

Shayne Stockton won the faceoff to the left, and the puck fell to Finucci who hustled goal-side of a Storm player, and turned towards the net.

He went on the backhand, and found a gap to ring the red light that sparked scenes of jubilation.

As the rink erupted, Finucci tore aware down the boards, down on one knee before being engulfed by the players pouring off the bench as scarves were thrown from the stands down on to the ice pad.

It’s a moment that will make him – and Flyers fans – smile for years to come.

“I was just hoping someone got the overtime goal,” he said. “Chase had a great chance, point blank, during overtime and half of our bench jumped up thinking that was it.

“When Shayne won the face off, the puck went diagonally and I knew I had to make a quick turn.

’’It was actually a two on one, and Shayne was wide open but I had no chance to flick it to him – that would have taken the very best pass of my life!

‘’I wanted to get the shot on the net knowing there was also a chance of a rebound.’’

He admits he needed a double check that it was in before taking off down the boards where he was engulfed by the entire Fife team.

The goal was the focus of social media buzz, but Finucci says the team has already turned its attention to facing Cardiff on Saturday.

‘’It was great to see all the feedback, but now the focus is on the semi-finals.

‘’’’We’ll be ready from the drop of the puck and go at it form the very start.

‘’They are league champions for a very good reason.

‘‘This is our biggest game of the season, but, regardless of the setting, it’s still a hockey game when you boil it down.

‘‘And all the pressure is on them.’’

Finucci believes Flyers’ team spirit is key to reaching the final and having a serious tilt at the silverware.

’’You only get it on certain teams - and it has been there from day one,’’ he said.

‘’Some teams rely on a few guys but we all rely on each other – big saves from Andy, defenceman stepping up and making great plays, and goals from across the team

‘’Any losses we have sustained we have been genuinely upset about

‘‘We aim to get to the next weekend and then put things right.

‘’And once you have that spirit, it gets everything going.’’