Flyers inspired by magic Wands

Chris Wands takes to one leg as he celebrates scoring his wonder goal against Cardiff on Saturday. Pic: Steve Gunn
Chris Wands takes to one leg as he celebrates scoring his wonder goal against Cardiff on Saturday. Pic: Steve Gunn

Chris Wands believes that his wonder goal on Saturday night is a sign that he’s got his confidence back.

The Fife Flyers defenceman notched a stunning solo goal in the 3-2 win over Cardiff Devils that capped a run of impressive performances from the 26-year-old since returning from injury.

“It was a nice goal - probably one of my best - and it felt good to get it,” Wands told the Press.

“I’m feeling pretty good at the moment - I’m getting my confidence back and that’s helped a lot.

“That’s three goals this year for me now, which is pretty good for a British D-man, so I’m happy with that.”

After an injury-hit two years Wands is now back to full fitness and beginning to rediscover the form that saw him win the Best British Player at the end of the club’s first season in the Elite League.

“It’s been tough,” he said.

“I got injured last year and missed the tail end of the year, and then I got injured again a couple of games into this season and missed a good bit, which is annoying.

“But I’ve worked really hard and kept plodding away and I eventually managed to get my chance.

“It’s just a case of getting fitness and confidence back because when you miss a lot of games you start doubting yourself.

“When you get your confidence back you start doing what you know you can do, and I’m enjoying playing again.

“Hopefully I’ve had my bad spell and I can just keep going from where I am now.”

Wands is one of several Flyers part-time players who have to juggle professional ice hockey with a full-time job, which makes recovering from injuries even harder.

“Some nights you go to training tired because you’ve been working all day,” he said.

“If we’ve had a long road trip on Sunday the tiredness can carry on the rest of the week, but you’ve just got to get rest when you can.

“You know you’ve got to turn up to training every night so it’s just something we’ve got to do and put up with the tiredness - it’s only half the year!”

Wands is now hoping to play a key role in Flyers play-off push.

He said: “I think we’ve overcome our shaky spell and we can come out of this with a strong end to the season and make a good run at the play-offs again.

“If we keep playing the way we played against Cardiff on Saturday night, in every game, then there’s no reason why we can’t get back to Nottingham.

“That’s what we aim for every year.”