Flyers look for their new Geordie Munro

Geordie Munro Fife Flyers mascot celebrates after scoring in the slapshot challenge. Pic: Steve Gunn, shotbyagunn photography
Geordie Munro Fife Flyers mascot celebrates after scoring in the slapshot challenge. Pic: Steve Gunn, shotbyagunn photography

They’re the all-dancing, high-fiving, goofing balls of fur who keep fans entertained on match night ... but could you be a mascot?

Fife Flyers are looking for someone to step on to the ice in costume for the forthcoming ice hockey season.

No-one will know it’s you in the spotlight though - you’ll be dressed as Geordie Munro, the club’s official mascot.

You could be famous a la Clangus at Braehead or Steeler Dan in Sheffield ... alas, no-one will ever know your name or ask for an autograph as you walk down the High Street in your civvies.

But you’ll still be one of the true stars of match night.

Geordie Munro is a kindly looking old soul, but you can bring him to life and turn him into Bart Simpson simply by strutting your funky stuff.

So, it goes without saying you have to be energetic and outgoing - wallflowers tends not to make very good mascots - and, ideally, you should be able to skate and wave at the same time. Guys, this means multi-tasking so think very carefully if you are up to the job description ...

Oh and you shouldn’t scare the kids as you go round the rink waving your giant hands/paws, posing for pictures or handing out freebies or leaflets. After all, no-one wants a rink full of greetin’ bairns clambering to get away from their mascot.

The rewards? No pay is mentioned, but mascots tend not to carry or need money. However, you do get the ice to yourself before the game when you are the star of the warm-up show in front of 3000 people. The routines and fun - well, that’s all down to you and your imagination. You also get your own entrance music courtesy of the rink DJs.

And you get a uniform - well, a costume! It’s supplied (and hopefully cleaned - it can get rather hot and sweaty in there!), complete with a top with your name on it and even a tartan kilt.

Your office? That’ll be the ice pad - centre ice before the game, and again during the break when everyone throws pucks at your head. Fear not for they are made of soft material rather than vulcanised rubber so there’s no chance of injury. You probably won’t even feel them bouncing off your bonce!

You’ll also get to tour the rink as you carry out your meet and greet duties, and you can have some fun with the visiting team, although be warned if you wind ‘em up too much you may find they skate worrying close to you as they hit the ice. One flick of a stick at your feet and you’ll be upside down holding on to Geordie’s head for dear life to avoid your identity being revealed!

Oh yes, and if Fife make the finals weekend, there’s a chance of meeting all your mascot chums for a giant dance-off with the cheerleaders!

Fancy it?

Well, even Geordie Munro has a person spec criteria to meet in these HR-tastic days, so if you are fit and healthy, can skate, are aged 16 or over and, helpfully, free at weekends - no point being Geordie Munro on a Tuesday at three o’clock when the fans are at work and the team are down in the gym - this could be for you.

There’s the possibility of a job share so you can get nights off and wander round the rink incognito and watch to see if the fans can spot the difference between Geordie Mark 1 and Geordie Mark II.

If you’ve got the moves like Jagger and the personality to entertain like Sammy The Tammy, Dunfermline’s ‘legendary’ mascot then step right up and try on the mascot’s massive heid for size. If it fits, a la Cinderella trying on her shoe, then you could be skating into the spotlight come September.

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