Isaacs turns tables on ‘chirping’ Stars fans with conference celebrations

James Isaacs. Pic: Steve Gunn
James Isaacs. Pic: Steve Gunn

James Isaacs may have a history with Dundee Stars, but he didn’t hold back his celebrations when Fife Flyers secured the Gardiner Conference on Sunday.

The delirious Dundee fans perched above the away bench were certainly rubbing it after their side took the lead with just 46 seconds left on the clock.

However, Flyers raced down the ice for a dramatic equaliser to clinch the title, allowing Isaacs to turn the tables on his former supporters.

“I was pretty happy,” he said. “I think I turned to their fans and gave a pretty big celebration because they were chirping pretty hard there.

“Everyone was just angry, especially the way it happened. The penalty that was called, then the bounce that it took. We just wanted to get it back, and good for Mosey, it was a huge goal. It was a bit of relief because knew we had it at that point.

“We stayed focused, and still wanted to get the two points because we want to move up the standings as high as we can, so it was nice to get the win in overtime. The first time I won the conference was in this rink, so it’s a bit of dejavu, just on the other side.”

The victory completed a six-point weekend for Fife, achieved without two key players with club captain Russ Moyer and top scorer Evan Bloodoff both injured

Isaacs added: “Every team goes through their spell of it, and how you handle it and come out the other side is a true testament of how good a team is, and we did just that.”

“We played very well over the weekend and a lot of guys stepped up when we were short bodied.”

Isaacs has returned to defence recently after featuring as a forward for the majority of the past two seasons with the Kirkcaldy club.

“It’s nice to move back to defence and play more my game,” he said. “It’s fun blocking shots, getting pucks out and clearing bodies.

“That’s what I take pride in - a lot of the little things.

“I’m not as offensive as Moyer and some of the other guys, so I just do my thing, make the simple play, and try to play consistent.

“Everyone knows what going to do with the puck. I’m not going to go off the page. That’s my game and I try to keep it simple as possible and chip in where I can.”

Fife Flyers will be presented with the Gardiner Conference trophy after tonight’s match against Nottingham Panthers at Fife Ice Arena.