‘One and done’ - Ross Moyer on route to play-off success

Russ Moyer, Fife Flyers (Pic: Steve Gunn)
Russ Moyer, Fife Flyers (Pic: Steve Gunn)

Russ Moyer distilled the finals down to three words and one ambition. One and done.

Play-offs are traditionally a mini series, sometimes even the best of seven - but this weekend it’s a straight head to head.

The winners go into the final, the losing into the pointless third-fourth place match known derisively as the Hangover Cup.

No player goes to Nottingham to shoot for third place.

Moyer has contested play-offs across his career - from the Ottowa 67s in the OHL IN 1990, to Arcadia Uni and on to Muskegon Fury in the IHL, Odessa Jackalopes in the CHL and then into Scandinavian hockey – but this will be his first trip to the EIHL finals weekend.

Victory at Notingham would possibly even eclipse the league title he won with Sheffield Steelers in 2015-16.

In the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s stunning comeback win, he spoke of his enormous pride in the team which had overturned a 4-1 deficit to secure a third finals weekend place in the last five years.

They followed the coaching team’s target to win every period.

They won all three and then swept home in overtime.

‘’We have believed in ourselves through thick and thin,’’ he told Flyers TV. ‘’I could not be more proud of the guys in there.’’

Amid the euphoria of victory, there was also a clear focus on the task ahead - a semi-final tie against league champions, Cardiff Devils.

‘’As excited as we are about this win, there is more to do.,’’ he said.’’Some teams may think they can take us down over a series, but it is one and done, and with the speed and emotion we play with, we are more than willing to take on any team, in this league.’’

One and done.


And done.