Saturday night ice hockey is back in Kirkcaldy

Fife Flames players celebrate after scoring against Murrayfield (Pic: Craig McGowan)Fife Flames players celebrate after scoring against Murrayfield (Pic: Craig McGowan)
Fife Flames players celebrate after scoring against Murrayfield (Pic: Craig McGowan)
Saturday night ice hockey is returning to Kirkcaldy this weekend and all fans of the sport can watch.

Kirkcaldy Ice Hockey Club are playing four matches across the weekend against Dundee Stars Juniors all of which are to be streamed live on its YouTube page.

The on ice action starts on Saturday at 8pm when Fife Falcons U18s play, to be followed by three matches on Sunday – v Dundee Stars Juniors – Kirkcaldy Redskins U11s at 5pm, Kirkcaldy Chiefs U13s at 6.30pm and at 8pm it’s the turn of Fife Flames U15s.

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The club had a test run last weekend against teams from Edinburgh and chairman Ian Keddie says it was a success.

"We kept it low key and internal because we just wanted to see if it would all work,” he says, “we had 150 people watching live and since there have been over 1000 views."

Fans can subscribe to the YouTube page for free to see the live matches as well as watching those from last weekend.

Ian says that in turn the club are asking viewers for a donation.

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“One of these games would normally cost £8 so we are asking if people could make a donation to our Go Fund Me page.

“Once the parents drop the kids off at the rink for their match, they’re not allowed in the rink so alot of them sat in their cars and watched the match on their phone or tablet, particularly those who had travelled from Edinburgh.

“Those matches took place in our normal practice time last week, but for the Sunday games this weekend we’re having to hire the ice. It’s a substantial three-figure sum and we’re only able to do it with the help of a match night sponsor and donations.

"We have a commentator and a match night sponsor, eCom Scotland who are based in Dunfermline. Hopefully other local businesses will take an interest in helping the club and sponsor future events.

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“We’re the only junior club in Britain that’s doing this just now. We got great feedback from last weekend’s trial so hopefullly more people wiil watch this weekend and in turn bring in some much needed income for the club.”

To make a donation go to and search for ‘Kirkcaldy Ice Hockey Club’.

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