Two-game ban for Fife Flyers’ star forward

Fife Flyers v Aalborg Pirates - import forward Brett Bulmer in action (Pic: Jillian McFarlane)
Fife Flyers v Aalborg Pirates - import forward Brett Bulmer in action (Pic: Jillian McFarlane)

Brett Bulmer has been hit with a two-game ban after ice hockey’s disciplinary chiefs reviewed a hit from Saturday’s game against Dundee Stars.

The Department of Player Safety (DOPS) decided a check he made late in the game merited anaylsis.

Bulmer checked Stars’ forward, Matt Bisonette, behind the net, and DOPS ruled it could have resulted in serious injury.

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It stressed: “This type of check MUST leave the game. Bulmer had every opportunity to use his shoulder, not elevate and gain a body position to separate the puck from the puck carrier. Instead Bulmer chose to make a check that was more in line with separating the puck carrier from the game.

“The fact there is or isn’t an injury is a factor, but not the determining factor. The potential of a serious injury on this style of hit is extremely high, which is the reason for supplementary discipline.

No call was made at the time, but DOPS noted: “With the puck on the back wall on the opposite side of the net from Bulmer, the opposing player gains puck possession during a broken play.

“Bulmer, realising the opposing player has gained possession of the puck in a skating lane behind the net and in a lane towards his (Bulmer’s) area of the ice, chose to make a body check. The fact there was the possibility to make a body check at and where the contact occurred is deemed legal.

“What is illegal, and the opposing player cannot expect, is the nature by which Bulmer delivered the check.

“Bulmer elevates up into the check. Leading with his left arm by separating his left arm (top stick hand) up and into the head and neck area of the opposing player. This demonstrates Bulmer had no regard for the puck, wanted to take advantage of an unsuspecting opponent and delivered the check excessively and in a dangerous manner.”

Bulmer missed Sunday’s return match in Dun dee and wil also be sidelined when Flyers travel to Guildford on Tuesday night.