Work-horse Mosey taking pride in bringing ‘intangibles’ to Fife Flyers

His stats may not reflect it, but Charlie Mosey has been a stand-out performer for Fife Flyers this season. Pic: Steve Gunn.
His stats may not reflect it, but Charlie Mosey has been a stand-out performer for Fife Flyers this season. Pic: Steve Gunn.

Lots of ice hockey players worry about their stats, but Charlie Mosey isn’t one of them.

And nor should he, because his value to this season’s Fife Flyers team can be measured in much more than goals and assists.

His two performances against Braehead Clan over the weekend exemplified what he brings to the side with sheer hard work, relentless energy and a willingness to do the unglamarous side of the game.

Battling for the puck in the corners and along the boards is where Mosey excels, although with 17 points to his name, the 26-year-old is also capable of chipping in.

In Fife he has become a fan favourite – and he feels more appreciated than ever.

“This is probably the most fun I’ve had playing hockey,” he told the Press.

“I’m glad the coaches gave me the opportunity to play here, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job in taking that opportunity.

“I stressed to them when we were talking about me joining the team that I’m not the guy who is going to be putting up huge points, but my game is consistent.

“I go out there, try to work hard and bring the intangibles that don’t show up the scoresheet, such as penalty-killing, blocking shots and working hard.

“I just try to go out there and set a good example for the team.”

Mosey’s work-horse style complements some of the more natural finishers in the Flyers side, perfectly summed up on Sunday as he shared a line with hat-trick hero Carlo Finucci and 2+2 scorer Shayne Stockton.

“I enjoy scoring goals and getting points, don’t get me wrong, but I take pride and enjoy doing the dirty, gritty work that doesn’t always go noticed,” Mosey added.

“I think my coaches and team mates really see that.

“All the fans love the goalscorers, and rightfully so, but it’s really nice to have the fans here on your back for doing the hard work.

“Since I was young that was something my parents always stressed.

“They watched my games and never worried about the stats, they just cared if I was working hard.

“It’s something that’s stuck with me.”

Mosey was asked to perform double-shifts as Flyers suffered a 3-2 defeat in Braehead Arena on Saturday, but his ice time was restored to a more regular pattern in Sunday’s 5-2 win on home ice after Josh Scoon was drafted into the third line.

“Saturday got away from us with uncharacteristic play by us,” Mosey said. “We made note of that, and on Sunday we got back to what makes us successful which is out-skating and out-working teams.

“It’s definitely difficult with the short bench and having to double shift with a few other guys.

“It’s tough to play 100 per cent the whole game, so having Scoony in on Sunday was huge for us, just to give guys a little bit rest between shifts, and not have to worry about pacing ourselves.

“Our skating is what makes us most successful so having a full-line-up is huge for us.”

Team stamina will certainly be tested this weekend with three matches back-to-back starting with a trip to Belfast Giants on Friday.

“Every game going forward to the end of the year is huge for us,” Mosey said. “We haven’t had the results we wanted in Belfast, so we’re going to do everything we can to be ready to play on Friday and try to come with a better result.”