Jim set to tee it off for his 100th golf event

Jim Gales MBE in his trademark bright trousers.
Jim Gales MBE in his trademark bright trousers.

Springfield’s Jim Gales Jim Gales MBE is closing in on a century of disabled golf events.

Jim lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa in the late 1980s and had never picked up a golf club before he became blind.

But this hasn’t stopped the 53-year-old from registering 10 victories in disability golf Open events around the world and becoming secretary and founder of the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership.

He plays with Alan Robertson acting as his guide to line him up and describe the hole before each shot and will reach three figures of disabled golf events during 2017.

Restricted to just light perception, he relies on the information from his guide - even though he admits he sometimes ignores the advice.

Gales, whose sense of humour continues to shine, said: “It probably helps to not be able to see the trouble off the tee sometimes. Mind you, it doesn’t stop me lifting my head up on my swing.

“Alan says: ‘Why lift your head up? It’s not as if you’re going to see where it goes’.

“He’s got a point!”

Jim has praised the Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort, near Glasgow, for its help supporting the sport.

He said: “We’ve done a lot of stuff with the Westerwood and they have been hugely supportive from day one back in 2001.

“We’ve held three World Cups there in recent years for players of all disabilities and various other events.

“They have made massive improvements to the course over the past 10 years and it’s always a great pleasure to host an event and play there. “Without clubs like these lending us their support, it would be impossible to stage these events.”