League leaders made to work for their draw

Arthur Duncan takes on Andy Hughes.
Arthur Duncan takes on Andy Hughes.

Lundin Lasers had their toughest fixture on paper against the league leaders Viscounts.

Arthur Duncan got the Lasers off to the perfect start with a straight three game win against Filip Jovanovic before Nat Forno lost a very tight match 3-1 to Andy Hughes.

That brought the unauthordox Lasers Ronnie Filsell to the table and he had a real ding dong battle with Andrew Nimmo triumphing in the last game 13-11.

Nat then faced Filip who got revenge for his earlier thrashing by Arthur winning 3-2 again in another tight match.

Arthur then faced the young Andrew, who at only 14 is one of the district’s brightest young players.

Arthur needed all his experience to see Andrew off winning 11-5 in the last game.

Ronnie then had the chance to extend Lasers lead but just fell short against Andy after leading 2-1 going down 3-2.

The doubles were now upon us and what proved to be four very close games went the Lasers way with Arthur and Ronnie beating Filip and Andrew 3-1.

It was looking good for the Lasers leading 4-3 in matches going into the final single matches.

Nat lost his last match 3-0 to Andrew before Ronnie won 16-14 in the last game to win the match.

Arthur had the honour of the last match and although getting off to a great start could not maintain his form and Andy grabbed a 5-5 draw for the Viscounts.