League ties dominate St Andrews Table Tennis Club card

Ian Smith St Andrews Table Tennis
Ian Smith St Andrews Table Tennis

All five St Andrews Table Tennis Club sides were engaged in league fixtures.

In the First Division, Prefects faced Up4it.

Michael Hahn (Prefects) still managed to win two matches and lose one against Paul Montieth in the decider.

In the process, he defeated Gillian Edwards.

Unfortunately, Up4it comfortably took the remaining eight points.

New Kids were up against Second Division leaders Villa at home.

Ian McLagan won his first two singles for Villa but Howard Lee and Ian Smith kept New Kids in the race with fine victories against James Pickles and Sandy Bertie.

Villa drifted into a 5-2 lead however when Howard reduced the arrears but that was too little too late as Villa seized the last two points to claim a 7-3 victory.

They took control of the fixture with a strong 3-0 lead.

Sputniks fought back for the rest of the night but couldn’t quite recover from the early surge from Swots. In the end they reduced the deficit to two points, but Swots claimed a 6-4 victory, with strong performances from Collin Bleak with a singles hat trick and from Chris Wroniecki with two wins.

The last match in second division was played at Lundin Links were the Lasers were hoping to ambush Truants.

The guests had other ideas, and thanks to a strong display by Graham Wood, undefeated in singles and the doubles, aided by Alain Léger, and an additional point scored by Knut Radmer.

Truants held the draw amidst controversy, after one player from the hosting team forfeited the match due to unsporting behaviour.

In fairness Lasers were embarrassed by their own player and the teams parted in good spirit. Prospects had a great night at home against Squires.

Charlie Ross was undefeated, while John Carlton and Ian Brumwell both recorder two solid wins each.

Squires narrowly avoided a whitewash as the Dundee side earned their two points in thrilling fie setters which could have gone the other way.