Madras promotion hopes are still alive

Madras found Stirling a tough obstacle to pass.
Madras found Stirling a tough obstacle to pass.

Madras went down 19-34 in their BT Caledonia League Division 3 Midlands Play-Off final against Stirling County 3XV BGH - but their promotion hopes remain alive.

The club, which topped the division ahead of the play-off fixtures which ultimately decide who goes up, still have hope of joining Saturday’s opponents in Division Two.

The Scottish Rugby Union have confirmed to the Fife Herald/St Andrews Citizen that some clubs playing in the league higher may make way for Madras.

The sport’s governing body will meet in mid-April when there is a high possibility that a club may either opt themselves to play on Midlands Division Three next season or another will have to be withdrawn due to a lack player numbers.

That was the precise dilemma which faced Madras this time last year before a summer rebuilding programme.