Mars Bar Series a tasty treat for Anster Haddies

Haddies Allan Gibson And Mike Reilly.
Haddies Allan Gibson And Mike Reilly.

Anster Haddies hosted its Mars Bar series over the weekend, with the event as well attended as ever.

This series had Haddies members racing against themselves to improve on their previous times and is the brainchild of Ewan Cameron to help the team improve over the winter months.

This month Thomas Knox was fastest round the fourmile course with a PB of 24m24s.

Colin McKie was next 24m50s.

They were followed by David Burgess in 25m42s, Jonny Knox 25m55s, Alisa Cruickshanks 26m2s, Mike Reilly 26m6s, CJ Mcphail 27m11s pb, Eck Anderson 27m14s, Eric Anderson 27m27s pb, Fiona Cruickshanks 28m35s pb, Gordon Halliday 28m47s, George Findlay 29m10s, Jas Baillie 29m10s, Jaz Hay 29m50s pb, Davie Brisbane 32m14s, Sharon Brown 32m38s pb, Debz Hay 32m50s, Susan Penman 34m45s, Allan Gibson 34m51s, Pamela Cruikshank and Tracy Knox both 35m9s.

Allan Gibson was in action again at the Path of Condie Half Marathon finishing it in 2hrs18m11s.

He joined Mike Reilly at the finish who stormed the course in 1hr37m14s admitting that it was a tough race.

Finally the park runners Neil Smith was fastest 17m55s and the first overall in East Grinstead back in Kirkcaldy Jas Baillie 21m27s 2ndmv 55 and Fiona Cruickshanks in 29m14s.