Matt’s beard shave nets nearly £4000 for CHAS

The goal judge’s chair which has sat outside the curling bar for years was replaced by a barber’s chair on Thursday for the final act of the 2013-14 ice hockey season - Matt Nickerson’s beard shave.

The defenceman’s legendary, fearsome bristles were shaved off to raise funds for CHAS.

Noora and Matt Nickerson after their hair cuts

Noora and Matt Nickerson after their hair cuts

Over 300 fans turned up to watch Matt emerge looking completely different, while his wife Noora also had her hair cut and donated to Little Princess Trust which uses the locks to make wigs for children on a cancer journey.

Together they raised almost £4000 - a sum which left the big defenceman almost speechless.

He said: ‘‘To be brutally honest, I was just hoping to hit £1000 but when it got to £2000 I was absolutely shocked! Amazing stuff. Thank you everyone for helping out.”

The evening included a raffle which helped raise the final total to £3908, and it was also a chance for fans to say their final farewells to the team as they prepare to head home for summer.

The Nickersons head back to North America on Monday after a memorable spell in Kirkcaldy took the team on an incredible run to the championship semi-finals.

The big defenceman has become a huge fans’ favourite, and his beard shave was his way of saying thank you to everyone for their support and helping raise a huge sum for the club’s official charity.

The beard was oficially cut off by supporter Amanda Liddell, while Kerry Horne, wife of Matt’s playing partner Kyle, did the honours with Noora ... before carrying out some impromptu haircuts for players and fans!