Maybe refs don’t respect us as much

Kris Hogg in action for Fife Flyers against Belfast Giants. Pic: Steve Gunn - shotbyagunn photography
Kris Hogg in action for Fife Flyers against Belfast Giants. Pic: Steve Gunn - shotbyagunn photography

BIG teams often get the big decisions and Fife Flyers forward Kris Hogg felt that was the case at Fife Ice Arena on Sunday night.

He suggested that Belfast Giants reputation as league champions may have earned them more respect from match referee Neil Wilson as Flyers lost their 100 per cent home record in a 3-1 defeat.

Wilson called seven minor penalties against each team, but Hogg felt that most of the close calls went in the visitors’ favour.

“Belfast’s experience showed and maybe they got a couple of calls because they were defending champions,” Hogg told the Press.

“I guess they get a little bit more respect than a team like Fife who only won seven or eight games last year.


“They’ve got some big strong players, and there was a couple of trips out there, but it goes both ways.

“They were probably disappointed as well.

“You can’t really blame it on the ref – he only has one set of eyes.

“But a couple more powerplays for us and you never know which way the game would’ve went.”

While expressing his frustration with the display of the officials, Hogg confessed that Belfast were a formidable opponent.

“They definitely held us back,” he said.

“It was hard to get around them.

“They have some big mobile defence, and a really good goalie, but we still had some opportunities.

“I think you could tell that we’re a team that’s not going to give up.


“We were down two goals then lost Jason Pitton to injury.

“We could have folded but we kept battling hard, kept hitting them and got a goal.

“Unfortunately they scored with a minute left to deflate us.”

Despite falling to a first home defeat of the campaign, Hogg is keen to focus on the positives.

“We wanted to go little bit longer undefeated, but we have to take positives,” he said.

“We know that wasn’t our best game, and maybe it showed that we didn’t play on Saturday.

“But the British guys had good games, playing very hard and physical against a team that just kept coming - and that’s what we need.

“We’ve got next weekend off so we’ve got lots of time to heal some injuries and get back on track.

“We’re a team that has to get better every game.”