Club puts on new shirts after sponsorship attempts fail

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Glenrothes Y.B.C. members look resplendent in their new bowling shirts provided by the fund raising efforts of the committee following unsuccessful attempts to obtain sponsorship.

The threatened and subsequent closure of Fraser Bowl led to the club moving to Bowlplex, Dunfermline four years ago.

Many of the local members still travel on Sunday mornings to compete in four singles leagues, together with bowlers from the Dunfermline area, who have joined the club.

A new league for under 24s has started for those getting beyond the new age limit of under 18.

In addition to the successful leagues, the club continues to have success at national level, with members Naomi Lawson and Damien MacLeod having qualified for the under-19 squads and Vicki Gillespie, who qualified for the under-16 squad.

Further successes were achieved in the under-12 rankings by Euan Coote and Megan Philip who took the top places, and by Dale Lynch who was third in the boys’ section.

Within the new under-24s league, there are also successes for Brian Gillespie, Martin Williamson, Gary Redpath and Katherine Wallace, who have qualified for both the young adult and adult squads.

All these members are looking forward to continuing to compete in national teams.

The club members are now looking forward to the start of the new rankings with the first national event of the season with the trios competing at their home centre at the end of the month.

The club are always looking out for new members and any interested youngsters should contact the Committee on Sunday mornings at Bowlplex.