Fife bowlers unlucky in defeat

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FIFE suffered another defeat when they travelled to Craigentinny to oppose Edinburgh and Leith.

Wayne Hogg finished 13 shots ahead of Malcolm Higgenbotham and Steven Bone defeated Billy Mellors by five shots.

Raymond Whyte competed well against James Hogg but sadly finished four shots behind.

Scott Bone and Alan Hill, skipping for the first time this season, both finished 10 shots behind Willie McDonald and Robert Marshall respectively.

Jimmy Forbes lost by 11 shots against Paul O’Donnell.

This week’s match is against West Fife at Newport.

Details: Edinburgh and Leith 124, Fife 107 (Edinburgh skips first) – W. McDonald 24, Scott Bone 14; J. Hogg 20, R. Whyte 16; P. O’Donnell 23, J. Forbes 12; R. Marshall 27, A. G. Hill 17; W. Mellors 15, Steven Bone 20; M. Higgenbotham 15, W. Hogg 28.