Fight night at Fife Ice Arena as UFC star leads Bravehearts into battle

The Braveheart MMA fighters who will be in action at Fife Ice Arena on Saturday.
The Braveheart MMA fighters who will be in action at Fife Ice Arena on Saturday.

Hundreds of spectators will descend on Fife Ice Arena on Saturday for an action-packed mixed martial arts show featuring local fighters.

The event is being staged by Arena Fight Promotions, a collabaration between Kirkcaldy UFC star Steven Ray, and Gary Paterson, the owner of Arena Strength and Conditioning, a gym located in Mitchelston Industrial Estate.

Ray will be in the corner of seven Fifers who will be representing his own Braveheart MMA club, which opened in November and which operates out of the Arena facility.

With an 11 fight card featuring pro and amateur athletes from all over Scotland and abroad, the 28-year-old is expecting some rip-roaring contests.

“It’s going to be an exciting and fun night,” Ray said.

“Even if you’re not a fight fan come along and see what it’s all about. It’s local people in a local show, so the community turning out to support them would be great.”

Ray, who hopes to return to UFC octagon in August following knee surgery, has been busy training his fighters in the lead-up to the event.

Among them is 19-year-old Bradley Scott, and his superstar coach has high hopes for the former Beath High School pupil.

“Bradley is only 19 and is already way better than I was when I first started,” Ray said.

“He’s come from a striking background and I’ve sparred with him a couple of times – and he holds his own. He just needs to learn a bit more about the ground game.

“He’s one of a few guys we have who, if they stick at it, could definitely make it far in MMA.

“To take some guys to the UFC would be amazing.”

Ray revealed that the atmosphere in the gym has been “buzzing” in the build up to fight night.

“They’ve all been helping each other, and having banter, but the training has been intense,” he said.

“Fighting in front of hundreds of people is nerve-wracking so they are all training hard as anything to make sure get they get the win and put on a show.

“I’ll give them all a pep talk to make sure they are good to go.”

Standard tickets, costing £30, are on sale from Arena Gym, and will be available on the door.

VIP table packages are also still available at £50 per person.

Doors open at 5.30 p.m and the event running order is as follows:

7.00pm - Ryszard Kraszewski (Marta Do-Combat Academy) v Ross Newbigging (Fudog) 75kg;

7.20pm - Jack Graham (Braveheart MMA) v Christopher McCormick (Glasgow Fitness) 66kg; 7.40pm - Steven Hay (Braveheart MMA) v Robert Moore (Maximum power) 70kg; 8.00pm - Kelson Duffy (Team Unity) v Piotr Krzysztof (Rick Youngs) 66kg.

8.20pm - Bradley Scott (Braveheart MMA) v Wiktor Modzelewski (DSB Lublin) 66kg, 8.40pm (SANDA) - Esteban Gimenez (Spain) v Ryan Donald (Scotland); 9.00pm - Graeme Callaghan (Braveheart MMA) v Aaron Towns (Results Gym Forfar) 60kg.

9.20pm - David Fell (Braveheart MMA) v Michael Surma (Marta Do-Combat Academy) 78kg,

9.40pm - (SANDA) Nacho de la Parra (Spain) v Mattis Shneider (Germany), 10.00pm - Sean Stroud (Braveheart MMA) v Frazer Hirsch (Caledonia fit) 84kg; 10.20pm - Reece Strathearn (Braveheart MMA) v Dominic Sharkey (ACC) 75kg.