Girl power for local female footballers

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GLENROTHES Stroller’s girl’s section has proved popular, with local girl’s interest in football on the rise, reports KEVIN QUINN.

The Over Stenton club set out to create girl’s football teams just over a year ago and so far it seems girls are as football crazy as the boys.

Girl’s football now operates over the summer months and although the strollers have had varied results, interest is high in taking part in ‘the beautiful game’.

Fiona Robertson, one of the coaches at the strollers, is happy with the progress made in the girl’s teams at the club.

She said: “Our season has kicked off well, numbers have increased rapidly.

“We now have an under nine’s team and an under 11’s team.

“We will also have an under 13’s team by the end of November.

“Our season has been mixed, due to being one of the new teams in the league it took us a few weeks to settle in.

“The girls have worked hard and done really well and continue to progress every week.

“Our under 11’s are in the non-competitive Youth regional league Fife/Perth.

“Due to reduced numbers of girls teams in east Fife we have to travel to Perth for some of our games and have been taking part in the Dundee under 11’s festivals which the girls have enjoyed.”

Fiona is still looking for more young girls to get into the sport and gave details for those interested.

She said: “The Glenrothes Strollers welcome any girls wishing to give football a try.

“We are hoping to further increase numbers in the teams for the next half of the season.

“That kicks off on August 6 with under 11’s playing 7-a-side football and the under 9’s playing fun fours.

“If girls want to come along to give football a try, or an adult wants to get involved in coaching, we train Wednesdays and Fridays 6-7pm at our home ground at Overstenton Park Glenrothes.”

For info call 07929302613