Glenrothes man is new kickboxing champ

Craig Thomson - Scottish Kick-Boxing Champion 79Kg with the belt he won
Craig Thomson - Scottish Kick-Boxing Champion 79Kg with the belt he won

Glenrothes kick boxer Craig Thomson became Scottish Champion recently, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Thomson (28), is now WKA full-contact kick boxing champion at under 79kg, after defeating Michael Mair from Inverness at the Cleland Welfare in Motherwell on July 2.

He recalled the fight and revealed this win takes him closer to the British title: “It was five two minute rounds but I stopped him in the second round.

“I stopped him firstly with a body shot. The referee gave him an eight count and he got up, I then hit him in the same area, knocking him down again, then he got up again, so I went for the same spot and stopped him.

“I was amazed the referee let it go after the second time, you could see he was done.

“In the first round I just took it nice and easy, used it to suss him out.

“By the second round I knew what his strategy was all about. He was trying to keep me at distance with his long legs, he was quite a bit taller than me.

“So I got right into him and he couldn’t deal with me.

“But now I am Scottish Champion I have to train constantly as folk will be after me.

“My next defence is in September and if I win that I’m up for the British title.”

Thomson, who has been fighting for 20 years, found it hard to prepare for the title fight.

He said: “You need the big fights to keep you ticking over. If it’s just training all the time it is just a bit soul crushing as it takes up a lot of your free time.

“I was training six days a week for the title fight, while I was studying at college.

“I was up to my neck in paperwork. I was getting home from training in Dundee at 11 and staying up to five o’clock in the morning to do essays.

“That was getting to me, I never had a minute to myself.”