Glenrothes runners make presence felt at East Fife Triathlon

The Glenrothes Tri-Club team.
The Glenrothes Tri-Club team.

Glenrothes Triathlon Club were well represented in the East Fife Triathlon on Sunday, the first event in this year’s Grand Prix series.

The first two of the group to finish were Andy Milne and Nobby Clark who both finished in third place in the respective Super Vet and Vet categories.

Results were: Sprint Distance – 37th Andy Milne 1h 23m 23s (3rd Super Vet), 40th Nobby Clark 1h 23m 53s (3rd Vet), 46th John Beveridge 1h 24m 46s, 56th Ian Poolman 1h 27m 20s, 58th Doug Stewart 1h 27m 36s, 62nd Danial Haran 1h 28m16s, 71st Neil Pirie 1h 30m19s, 76th Barry Davie 1h 31m 10s, 86th Paul Hutton 1h 33m 39s, 89th Joe Fowkes 1h 34m 03s, 100th Brian Landels 1h 36m 04s, 112th Jamie Hutchison 1h 38m 46s, 115th Austen Pedder 1h 39m 57s, 116th Ian Goldie 1h 39m58s, 129th Sue Clark 1h 49m 23s, 136th Joni Leslie 1h 57m 21s.

Novice Distance – 4th Mark Hunter 56m 12s, 8th Derek McDonald 58m 22s, 15th Laura Henderson 1h 01m 22s.

Elsewhere club member Malcolm McKnight completed the Kilomathon in Edinburgh in a time of 1.13.38.