Golf ranking service set for international expansion


A free golf ranking service launched in Fife is planning major nationwide and global expansion in 2015.

Successfully trialled among Fife golf clubs in 2011, and subsequently rolled out to 350 clubs worldwide since then, MyGolfRanking is a unique free service to golf clubs and their members.

The MyGolfRanking system, created by the mathematical brainpower behind the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), uses the same calculations as WAGR to generate performance rankings that can accurately differentiate between handicap golfers across the globe.

It is the only performance ranking system for ordinary club golfers, and requires no outlay or significant work on the part of participating clubs or members.

Golf clubs can register free on the website. They will then be allocated a dedicated home page, where members can see how they’re faring against others locally, regionally, nationally or globally.

Once a club is registered, there is minimal work required, and nothing for club members to do other than check in regularly to see how they’re getting on against other handicap golfers in the club, county or beyond.

The Fife MyGolfRanking tables, featuring Fife’s MGR Golfer of the Week, are printed weekly in The Fife Free Press Group publications.

“Our vision is to have MyGolfRanking adopted around the world as the truly global golfing social network,” said creator and founder, David Moir.

“There is no doubt that by adding MyGolfRanking to the competitive menu, club golfers can pit themselves against their peers and intensify their desire to outrank all others in their club and beyond.”

For more information visit or contact founder and managing director, David Moir, at