Gordon aims to stay at the top of the pile

Gordon Moodie is gearing up for his 2016 campaign.
Gordon Moodie is gearing up for his 2016 campaign.

Scotland has produced many top drivers in stock cars and with out doubt Gordon Moodie is up there with them.

The Windygates ace has won a World Championship, 10 National Points titles two lots of batches of five at a time, four European, two British, eight Scottish, three English and one Irish championships.

Coupled to that he has won the World Cup, which is raced in Holland, five times but has as yet to win the Nationals.

This year Gordon will be defending the UK Challenge, the World Cup and the Ben Fund although the main target is regaining the National Points Title.

“I want to win finals and championships and hopefully will be attending them all,” said the local driver.

“The only one in doubt is the British which is being held in Northern Ireland.

“My cousin is getting married on the Friday night so I might give it a miss. It’s a pity ‘cos I have a lot of supporters there and it would be good to meet up with them again”.

“I am busy trying to get my RCE chassis ready for the start to the season.

“It’s well on and should be ready.

“It looks to be a good car and should be alright.

“I sold my blue RCE to John Sleeman and whilst there has been a lot of interest in the black RCE I am going to hold onto it as a back up just now”

The World semi-finals and final this year will be contested on shale.

The semi-finals are at King’s Lynn where he came third in the World Final recently whilst the final is at Mildenhall where he won his World Title in 2006.

An omen perhaps for Moodie is fine tuning his car for this season’s assault.

“The car had been christened by its previous owner Bert Finnikin, and she took me to my World Title.

“I managed to get inside Mark Simpson on the last bend and pushed him wide to get my win.

“The car has all the right design but I will need to do a bit work on it to bring it up to the latest BriSCA spec.

“I also have the option to buy the Ian Gardner chassis which is up for sale so I will soon have to make a decision. Ian’s car has a Duratec engine and I am not sure whether that would be the right engine to use.”

“With my main target being the National Points I will be doing most of my racing on tarmac and hope that my new cars set up is right so that I can start picking up points and wins quickly.

“I don’t intend to do too many shale races.

“It would mean that I would have to get a double trailer to transport both cars and I would need double the amount of spares as the RCE spares are different to the Randall.”

Last term Moodie missed the opening four months of the season after a coming together with Robbie Dawson so it was the end of June before he could return to the racing.

In that time he lost the Scottish Championship to Chris Burgoyne and the National Points title.

He paid trubite to those who help him compete at such a high standard.

“I would like to thank all my sponsors,” he said.

“I need to thank Dave at RCE for the chassis and help and to Mark at SRD for the engines.

“I have a host of mechanics who help mainly dad Jimmy, Tam, Scott, Norv, Stan, Paul, Kev, Jeff and the others.

“My mum Evelyn for dealing with merchandise and to Alex who videos all my meetings.