Haddies travel the globe

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DESPITE the athletics racing season winding down towards the Christmas break, Anster Haddies are still seeking out races all over the world.

Bill Simpson went to Dubai and found the 10-mile Donut Race to take part in.

Three of the Haddies who missed out on the New York Marathon made it over to Clonakilty in Ireland and completed the Waterfront marathon.

The rest of the Haddies racing at the moment have contented themselves with what is on offer in Scotland.

Elise Methven finished the Monikie Duathlon in 1:14:20.

The cross country team was in action in Livingston and Cupar.

In Livingston, Tich Shaw represented the men and finished in 45:07 and Pamela Cruickshanks representing the ladies finished in 31:46.

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