Karate skills at Cosmos!

Claire Penman with her team mates
Claire Penman with her team mates

CLAIRE Penman, the Scottish Karate Governing Body Kata champion, and members of her Shukokai Karate Team Fife are gearing up to show off their skills in St Andrews.

They will be visiting the Cosmos Community Centre on August 31 to give a demonstration, with a view to launching a club in St Andrews.

The one-hour long display in the Cosmos Centre, starting at 6.15pm, will be followed by an opportunity for members of the public in the St Andrews area to sign up and enrol. It will be open to youngsters aged four years and upwards to adults.

In May, Claire Penman was presented with the Achiever of the Year award from the East Fife Sports Council during a ceremony held at the Gateway Building, St Andrews University, and she followed up by retaining her own style championships’ gold medal and winning a silver in the all styles at the recent SKGB Kata Championships.

She and her team mates have won numerous medals and accolades in Sport Karate in both the Kumite Sparring and Kata forms, with Claire excelling in the latter category.

The Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland youth students are currently training hard for this year’s British Karate Federations’ international open to be held in Glasgow and have already started preparations for the Fife Olympiad team Turkey 2014.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the demonstration and enrolment event at the Cosmos Centre, but those under 16 years must be accompanied by their parents.

Fife-based Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland instructor Stuart Maxwell said:”The event in the Cosmos Centre will be preceded by a similar session at St Leonards School where a new private karate club is to be formed.”