Ken is on target and fires his way to ‘champs’ title

Ken Greenaway
Ken Greenaway

The Fife and Kinross Small-Bore Rifle Association held its Champ of Champs competition on the range of the Sands (Kincardine) club.

For the first time the traditional card targets were replaced with electronic boxes which detect the exact position of each shot.

Previously a bull scored 10 points, but with the greater accuracy of these boxes it is now scored on a scale of 10.0 to 10.9 points, with the result shown on a computer screen.

This season’s Champ of Champs was Ken Greenaway of St Andrews.

His scores, for three 10-shot cards were 105.2, 104.7 and 105.5, giving a total of 315.4. Ken was also successful in the Scottish Association’s Speedway competition with a final score of 993 out of 1000.

In the Lothian Association’s World Cup, Ken was just beaten into second place by R Simpson of Greenock.

Laurence Cooper of St Andrews also had success, winning his class in the Speedway and also his division in the Portsdale and West Hove winter league.