Knockhill to create history

One of the cars which will be on show
One of the cars which will be on show

On Saturday, the famous track will be used in a clockwise direction, then it’s all change for Sunday as it will be anti-clockwise for all the motor sport action.

This is believed to be a first, as Knockhill is one of only a handful of tracks in the world licensed for motor sport in both directions, but it will be the first to use the two configurations on back to back days.

In addition, and unusually, there are three top quality elements to the meeting.

The first is the British Sprint Championship with around 25 of the UK’s fastest single seaters including F1 engined cars lapping in outright lap record speeds.

The second part of the content is rounds two and three of Super Lap Scotland, around 25 of Scotland’s fastest Evos, Subarus, Lotus, Nobles and other top cars in single lap shoot outs, just like Formula One.

The third element is car racing with the Alfa Scozia sponsored Scottish Classics and for the modified and open saloons, providing up to four races on the day.

Chairman Stuart Gray said: “We are really looking forward to our second event of the 2013 season as it will use our twin track format for the first time.”

Action starts at 9.00 a.m. each day.