Lelsey MacDonald’s Commonwealth Games Diary

Scottish netball captain Lesley MacDonald with official Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde.
Scottish netball captain Lesley MacDonald with official Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde.

Week 3 - We’re tapering training and gelling as a team

The Commonwealth Games are approaching fast, and for the athletes that means a gradual decrease in training.

The Scottish netballers have been preparing for the Games for several months, but as the event draws closer the more tapered training becomes.

Team captain Lesley MacDonald explained: “Tapering down is essential as we head into a major competition. Although we want to be refreshed we also need to ensure we keep that peak fitness.”

The girls also spent time catching up with friends and family before going into lock-down for the tournament.

“There will be opportunity to see our family during the Games but only at certain and limited times so it’s important we see them before heading off,” Lesley explained. “We have a venue called Scotland House in Glasgow city centre which is available for our family and friends and gives us a central point to meet them.”

Lesley and her team mates are now spending every day together in their pre-Games preparation camp.

“What an amazing experience - everyone coming together for the first time as netball Team Scotland,” she said. “Just the fact that we all had the Team Scotland tracksuit on for the first time was very exciting.

“Prep camp basically gives us the opportunity to be together as a team 24/7. We’re doing court training, weights and cardio, because it’s still important to keep this going. We’re also looking at team analysis for our own play and the opposition we will play against. Training matches are essential at this point to ensure we are hitting the mark at the right time.

“As a team we are gelling well. We have a mixture of ages, experiences and knowledge, which brings us all together.

“The experience of the Commonwealth Games will be one we will share beyond our netball careers and one we want to look back on with memories of success not regret.”

Next week Lesley heads into the Commonwealth Games village.

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