Lomond lose friendly to strong ‘blue Brazil’: Lomond Boys Under-15s 2:Cowdenbeath Under-15s 6

A goal mouth incident from the match.
A goal mouth incident from the match.

Lomond Boys Under-15s 2

Aftera few chances Daniel opened the scoring for Lomond.

the game livened up a bit and Cowdenbeath equalised, and it was end-to-end before they netted again, following a disallowed strike.

Cowdenbeath extended their advantage until Daniel scored again to reduce the leeway .

After the break Cowdenbeath started the better of the two teams and were first to score with a rocket of a volley - if it hadn’t gone in it would have ended up in Scotlandwell!

They then continued to pressure the Lomond defence, who fought hard clearing their lines, but by this time Cowdenbeath were full of confidence and scored another two goals andmaking the final score 6-2.

Lomond would like to thank Sean and Cowdenbeath for arranging this match.

After the match Lomond had their annual awards ceremony and refreshments to celebrate the end of another season and look forward to next season with their new strips courtesy of sponsor Bob Bazley of Netopa.