Mixed fortunes for the boxing brothers

Two Glenrothes brothers were involved in crucial contests last week.

17-year-old Scottish Youth Champion James Dickie was taking part in the British Championships in Liverpool and in his semi-final came up against three times British title holder Josh Kelly of England.

The first round saw Dickie taking the fight to the English boxer using fast jabs, but he was being caught too often by slick counter punches and fell behind slightly.

The second session was better for the local lad as he came back into the contest and began to land more clean shots while employing better footwork and defensive tactics.

But, in the final round, Kelly stepped up a gear and opened up a wider points margin to win the contest and move into the final.

Kelly in fact won the title - giving his Welsh opponent two counts in the process, something he was unable to do to Dickie.

Coach Mike Keane said: “James did everything he could, but Kelly is one of England’s best prospects having won the Amataeur Boxing Association titles four times and the British three times.

“It shows the work that has to be done to reach that standard.

“He will come from this stronger and better prepared next time.”

James’ 11 year-old Jay was taking part in a tournament at the Bronx club in Tranent.

His opponent, Jack Murray, isthe reigning Scottish champion but, despite this being only his second contest, the Glenrothes youngster was not scared by the reputation.

For the first two rounds, Dickie picked up points by countering Murray’s attacks and looked to be ahead going into the third.

Changing tactics completely, Dickie moved onto the offensive and surprised the champion, forcing him backwards and taking the verdict by a clear margin.

Youth coach Alex McGrow said: “Next season will be the first time Jay enters the East District and Scottish Championships and is in great shape for one so young.

“On this showing he could easily go all the way and emulate big brother James.”

Both fighters train with Kingdom Amateur Boxing Club in Kirkcaldy.