Next generation of golfers get into the swing

Young golfers are learning the basics of the game in St Andrews.
Young golfers are learning the basics of the game in St Andrews.

It’s renowned as being the Home of Golf, and one town club is making sure the next generation of sporting stars have the best start in the game

For the past few years The St Andrews Golf Club has offered fully subsidised coaching with local PFA professional Garry Forrester to introduce the game to some youngsters as well as those experienced in playing golf.

This year around 35 youngsters were offered an eight week block in April, which incorporated all aspects of the game as well as two weeks on course development.

From the end of October a further four week block was offered for winter coaching held at the Jubilee practice area in three, one hourly slots every Saturday and Sunday morning.

These sessions have seen high interest and registration since the club started this offer, with 47 registering.

Those taking part were given further tuition on driving, long to mid irons, chipping, bunker play and the final week focussed on putting.

Greig Dochard from The St Andrews Golf Club said: “Each and every youngster thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and as well as the coaching, there was the opportunity to gain some tips on keeping the development going through the winter months.

“The club would like to thank Garry Forrester for his commitment and we hope to have further sessions in 2017

“The St Andrews Golf Club offers a fantastic facility for youngsters to be involved in our historic club, regardless of ability. This is based on a fun, safe and friendly environment.”

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