Pitcaithly looking to continue 2016’s success

Jim Pitcaithly taking top spot in 2016
Jim Pitcaithly taking top spot in 2016

Stock car driver Jim Pitcaithly is looking forward to the new season at Cowdenbeath Racewall and is hoping to capitalise on his success from last year.

The proprietor of Pitcaithly Auto Services in Leslie said: “2016 has certainly been my best ever season and I have been racing for around 23 years.

“Maybe that is too long, but I still enjoy every minute at the track and I suppose that’s what matters.”

Jim had been competing for 23 years without winning a stock car racing championship until last year when he won four, as well as Cowdenbeath Track Championship – a points based tournament that accumulates throughout the season.

He added: “I built a new car for the start of last season and after the first practice session I knew that i had a really good car.”

After deliberating whether or not to take a year off after last year’s success, Jim ultimately decided to try and make the most of the momentum gained in 2016, saying it was “without doubt my best ever season and one I would love to repeat this season”.

“I intend to contest all the championships this year,” he said. “That is going to mean quite a bit of travelling involved.

“I am lucky to have a good group of sponsors which includes Crowftune Race engines, McNaught and Ritchie groundworks, McGill Motorsports, John Leslie & Sons, Calvin Notorsports (Scotland) Ringtone Race Painter and James Dewar signs.”

Looking forward to the races coming up in the new season, he said: “The Racewall has the European Championship in May so that is one meeting that I hope to do well.

“I will have at least two visits in Ireland as I have the Irish Master to defend and the World to contest.

“I will be defending my British Championship down at the Ringwood track whilst the ORC Championship is at St Day.

“Plenty of travelling involved and a lot of different tracks to get to know.”

And there will no expense spared when it comes to keeping the car in good condition.

“My car has been stripped down and is getting repanelled,” he said. “The engine is away to be refreshed and whilst I thought about building a new car this one is on the pace and would be difficult to replace.”

Among last year’s success, the point based win was particularly special to Jim as being consistent throughout the year paid off.

“The track points went right to the last meeting,” he said. “I had to be at my best to het my hands on the title.”