Podium joy for Peter in Europe’s toughest race

Peter Dumbreck (far right) celebrates on the podium with the rest of the Falken Motorsports team.
Peter Dumbreck (far right) celebrates on the podium with the rest of the Falken Motorsports team.

Kirkcaldy racer Peter Dumbreck has finally made it onto the podium at the Nurburgring 24 Hour at his 12th attempt.

Dumbreck was part of the Falken Motorsport team that steered the Porsche 911 GT3-R to a third place finish in Europe’s toughest endurance race at the weekend.

It was a result that exceeded the 41-year-old Fifer’s expectations.

“Leading into the weekend our main aim was just to do our best,” he told the Press.

“It gets harder and harder every year. We’re up against upgraded factory cars while we’re still in the same car that we’ve had for five years.

“This result has shown everyone - especially the team and manufacturer - what’s possible, and what we potentially could do with a
new car.

“We’re hoping this seals the deal for next year and we get a new car of some description that can show the potential of the Falken tyre.

“We need to find more pace because we’re up against a constant moving target with Michelin and Dunlop.”

Dumbreck played a key role in the Falken success, climbing 10 places during a rain-affected three-hour stint in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He explained: “I was sent out on intermediate’s and I wondered whether we had chosen the wrong tyre.

“The track was bone-dry but once you got over the hill it was really chucking it down with cars all over the place.

“Those who were still in slicks were literally crawling around and there were a few heavy shunts that we managed to avoid.

“The team decided to keep me in the car for a double stint because I knew where all the wet patches were.

“I went out in 12th position and I was shocked to look at the monitor and see that I had jumped to second.

“It was a funny old race - and strangely enough I found it to be one of the easier, less stressful ones.

“Maybe that’s just experience catching up with me. I now feel I can handle anything the Nurburgring throws at me.

“It makes me happy that I can come away from the weekend and say I did a good job.”

The weekend had a less successful outcome for fellow Kirkcaldy driver Jonny Adam.

He was part of the Aston Martin Racing team that was lying in seventh place before a gearbox problem with the Vantage GT3 ended the team’s race with eight hours
to go.

“It was a shame because up until then everything was going to plan,” Adam said.

“It was great that we were sitting seventh in a very hard race, and I learnt a lot over the weekend in terms of getting into a rhythm and staying out of trouble.

“If we kept going the way we were we maybe could have finished in the top five, which would have been a great result for Aston, but things went against us. That’s motorsport.”

This weekend Adam contests the second round of the Blancpain Endurance Series at Silverstone with Motorbase/Oman Racing.