Quick Nick zooms to classic car win

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AN Upper Largo man has motored his way to prestigious major classic car race.

Nick Fleming (35) recently took the Autosport three hour Race, organised by the Historic Car Club, at Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk driving his classic two litre 1967 Chevron B8.

It was Nick’s second attempt to win the trophy as last year’s effort was disappointingly curtailed just before the end of the race by a broken drive shaft.

Nick said: “I’m ecstatic.

“The entire team has played a really important part with my mechanical reliability, precise fuel calculations, and the correct car set-up all essential to me taking the chequered flag.”

Inaugurated in 1957 and run until 1964 with many famous names such as Jim Clark and Graham Hill (father of Damon) taking part, the race was very successfully revived in 2007 and is a major feature in the historic racing calendar.

The race duration is three hours on a three mile circuit, with two obligatory three minute pit stops for refuelling and a change of driver.

Nick’s father, Al Fleming (67), also took part in his 1967 Lotus Elan 26R.

Nick was among a top class field of some 30 cars which included six Chevron B8s, and Merlyns, Crossles, Elans, Ginettas, Jaguar E-types, and Lotus 23Bs.

His co-driver, Luke Stevens of Norfolk, took the second stint after the first refuelling stop at over 40 laps into the race.

However, when a safety car halted the race, a decision was taken to head into the pits to maximise their lead during this period.

Nick took over the driving again for the rest of the race with an ultimate lead at the chequered flag of over one and half minutes.

Nick completed 70 laps in all, reaching speeds of 140 mph.