Rain stops play as new golf clubs tries to tee it off

Captain Chris Hobster and Vice Captain Jim Colliar having completed the two hole play in. Edenfields
Captain Chris Hobster and Vice Captain Jim Colliar having completed the two hole play in. Edenfields

A local golf group, formed only recently, had their hopes of teeing off into competitive action washed away.

The EdenFields Golf Club was formed at the tail end of last year and is one of the most groundbreaking, inclusive and forward thinking of its kind.

After forming, EdenFields became the first voting golf club to affiliate itself to the newly formed Scottish Golf Limited.

Scottish Golf Limited is the new organisations created following the amalgamation of the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) and the Scottish Ladies Golf Association (SLGA).

It had hoped to get things swinging by celebrating its opening competition recently at its base, Elmwood Golf Club.

Sadly, though, the Heavens opened above the players, meaning the event had to be cancelled.

A spokesman for the club said: “Unfortunately the weather halted play before it began.

“However, it was great to see all the members who entered the competition come along, complete with cameras and clubs, ready to play in the rain.

“There has never been so many smiles when players were told that the competition was cancelled.

“The course was so wet, the head green keeper called his staff in off the course.”

But the club remained resolute and wanted at least some action to boast of.

So captain, Chris Hobster and the vice captain, Jim Colliar, ventured out into the elements for the traditional driving into office.

The two played the first and 16th holes to mark the beginning of the history of the newly formed club.

After the two holes were played, all 16 members who were entered to play retired to dry and comfort of the Cupar Garden Centre.

Scottish Golf Limited was formed last year after members of the SGU and SLGA voted to amalgamate the two.

Scotland’s leading male and female golfers, Stephen Gallacher and Catriona Matthew, also supported the plans to amalgamate the two governing bodies, with other partners and sponsors strongly in favour.